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Suze Simon
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How's My Driving?

Hey guys! If you've got any comments, questions or critiques on how I play Suze, please let me know!

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Hey. This is Suze. I can't get the phone right now, so leave a message and I'll get back to you when I get a break.

So I got a job at Buy More. It's a pretty good deal. Definitely a huge improvement from babysitting a bunch of rich kids all summer. Though green really isn't my color. But if you need a toaster, you know where to find me. (I get better sales than Casey and I've only been there a month.)

School's going pretty well so far too. Is there anyone else here going to college right now? Usually it seems the majority of people here are younger or older than college age. Pretty weird if you think about it.


After managing to block the events of the latest virus out of him mind, Suze had decided she needed to work on getting a job. There was one place she had in mind, and after checking Google maps, she found out that it was within a somewhat reasonable driving distance. Of course she had to get the job first.

She'd snuck in to get and application and had it filled out by the end of the day. By the end of the week she'd been interviewed and later called to be informed that she had gotten the job.

And that was why on Suze entered the Buy More store in full uniform.


I can't believe I...did I even...shit!

And why the hell am I just as embarrassed to talk to Chuck about it as I am with Jesse?


It wasn't the first time she had faked being sick. What with being a mediator she'd had to skip school more times than she could count. Besides, it didn't take much to convince her mother that she was sick. A few coughs and a moan of pain here or there and the deal was sealed.

As planned, when it was about time for her to leave for school, Suze slipped back into bed and prepared to look sick. She sunk back as far as she could go into the bed and started her 'cough'. Of course she made sure to stay at the far side of the bed so that her arm was dangling over enough for Chuck to reach her hand from under the bed. Thanks to her extra long bed covers, it was impossible to see under the bed unless you lifted the sheets. For now, it was the perfect hiding spot.

Only a few minutes later she heard her mom call from the stairs, and knew she would be coming to the room any second. "She's coming," Suze whispered to Chuck. "Be quiet and don't move and we'll be fine."

Seriously? When did I fall into a Jim Carrey movie? Looks like another night hauled up in my room. I already spilled the stuff about the vampire run to Jesse and he was not please to say the least. He wasn't really surprised though either. But the last thing I need is to do is blab to my whole family about being a mediator.

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Minato. If you're still around and you can hear me, please let me know. I offered to try talking to you for a friend of yours.

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So I was all ready to make plans with Jesse for Valentine's Day, Since it's his first Vday being alive and all but apparently Father Dom went and planned for him to attend a college visit, which apparently he can't get out of. Way to go Father Dom. I know you've taken your vows and all but that doesn't mean you have to destroy other people's Valentine's Day. And what kind of school has visitations on Valentine's Day anyway? I mean come on!

So I guess I'll be at home like every other Valentine's Day doing nothing. Fantastic. Maybe I'll bribe Doc into playing video games. Unless of course he went and got a date like the rest of my family seems to have managed.

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»» the PLOTTING meme

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